Aktuelle Veranstaltungen der brickfox GmbH

brickfox Improvements

An dieser Stelle geben wir regelmäßig unsere kleinen und großen Verbesserungen bekannt.



  • Reset unit if kaufland id is missing
  • Custom csv orders export
  • Rest Api documentation endpoint
  • Mirakl article migration

ChangeAmazon: update client secret

  • Amazon: adapt logic of loading articles for exports
  • Kaufland: order import change for migratons
  • ShopwareSaleschannel – zero based index sort order on image export


  • Kaufland: save shipping costs on order level too
  • OttoMarket-Orderstatus-Export-hotfix
  • Kaufland: fix deletion of broken articles
  • Kaufland: fix migration of stock locations
  • Feature/kaufland correction
  • XmlExchange-ShopsExport-hotfix: fix call to undefined method
  • Fix rrp calculation issue
  • Orders: Don’t reject fulfilled orders
  • Mmirakl product export: catch generic exception and log them to graylog
  • Synchronize with item number prefix fix and fix cleanup


  • PHPCS – apply „UselessAnnotation“ sniffs to tests



  • Kaufland: add dropdown to attribute mapping ui
  • Kaufland: add product migration button
  • New Tests for ebay order import
  • SW6: Add possibility to export product special prices for special timeframe


  • Kaufland: reset product if errors occurred on creation
  • Amazon: adapt logic of loading articles for exports
  • Limango: Add unittest
  • Amazon ERP: switch to sp api


  • Zalando: Only validate image dimensions when they are present
  • OttoMarket: add position for shipment only if positionItemId is set
  • Allow multiple order lines with the same product on export
  • Tradebyte: deactivate toDelete-Products
  • Cdiscount: Limit amount of products in export
  • Fix compatibility issue with Extjs and firefox



  • Add upselling feature
  • Missing prices on split Amazon stock export
  • Xentral initial implementation


  • Check if slave shop match the required shop type
  • Patch max Length Variation title for Mercateo
  • Amazon: Update Lighting.xsd
  • Kaufland: corrections and adaptions
  • Amazon: fix for old posted files which feedsubmissionsids dont exist anymore
  • Ebay: mark article for relist if offer already ended
  • Shops: predeploy for prevention of duplicate shops_products entries


  • Fix the UI showed date time format
  • Only provide file name for eek label and data sheet
  • Mirakl: Add optional shops_id to order import for multishop usage
  • Tradebyte: load taxrate from child shop, fallback to master shop
  • Zalando: change currency code to currency iso code



  • Zalando api attributes mattching
  • Mirakl: add export only price and inventory logic
  • Ebay Trading / Dispute APIs
  • Kaufland: add order status export and migration script
  • Amazon: add sp api token refresh
  • Kaufland: add new module
  • Amazon import ExpectedShipDateRange and ExpectedDeliveryDateRange…
  • Added ebay api signatures


  • Shops errors: add combo for error code filter
  • SKU switch
  • Mirakl: export cancellations of single order lines


  • Delete variations that does not exist on products import
  • Marktkauf: add category import action
  • Undefined variable: hitmeisterProductExists
  • added ISBN value set if ean empty


  • Basic tests for XmlExchange product export
  • improve namings and minor cleanups
  • add basic test for limango order import wrapper


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